Issue #7. September 2013.

A Message from the President


The summer has drawn to a close and another school year has begun, but there is still time to celebrate the accomplishments of our 2013 scholarship recipients. Abigail Rudnicki was unanimously chosen as this year’s Zachary Weston Memorial Scholarship winner. She is bright and mature, and the Board was thoroughly impressed by her commitment to helping others. Please join me in congratulating Abigail! You can read more about her impressive accomplishments in this newsletter. Allison Pomeroy was selected as the first recipient of the Q. Walter Peabody Foundation Fine Arts Grant. Allison is a talented artist and Platt High School student. You can see samples of her work on our website, and we hope to have an event to showcase Allison’s paintings when she finishes her current project. Stay tuned!

I also want to extend a warm welcome to Martha-Anne Noonan who recently joined the Board of Directors. Martha-Anne is a long-time friend and supporter of the Foundation, and we look forward to working with her.

The Foundation is actively seeking two more volunteers to serve as directors on the Board. If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please contact us.

Thank you for your continued support,

Luciano Racco

The Q. Walter Peabody Foundation is pleased to announce our newest board member: Martha-Anne Noonan. Martha-Anne graduated from Orville H. Platt High school in Meriden, CT. Currently, she is teaching grade 8 language arts at Lincoln Middle School, also in Meriden. When not working in the classroom, Mrs. Noonan founded and directed Washington Dinner Theater. She also is a member of the Exemplary Achievement Award selection committee and was just voted in as president of Project Excel, a scholarship group made up of current and retired Meriden school teachers. Martha-Anne has been a long-time supporter of the Peabody Foundation, regularly attending events and supporting the Foundation. We are so excited to have her join the Board and share her time and talents with us!

We also want to recognize the time and talents of Roman Testroet and Stephanie Westen, two board members who have stepped off the Board to pursue other interests. We are grateful for your help in getting the Peabody Foundation to where it is today.

Martha-Anne Noonan

The Q. Walter Peabody Foundation is proud to announce Abigail Rudnicki – the 2013 Zachary Weston Memorial Scholarship winner. Abigail graduated from O. H. Platt High School this past June and plans to pursue a career in special education. Prior to graduating, she volunteered each day in the Special Education classroom at Platt and also served as the stage manager for the drama department's productions. Abigail's kindness was evident not only in her interview, but also by the fact that she received several nominations from multiple different teachers indicating her merit. Congratulations, Abigail!

"Untitled", by Allison Pomeroy

In February, the Peabody Foundation named Allison Pomeroy the first winner of the Q. Walter Peabody Fine Arts Grant. We were thrilled to have several students apply for the award, from several middle and high schools in Meriden. Allison stood out from the crowd because her application was exactly the kind of project for which our grant program was intended. Allison plans to create several large oil paintings of animals and display them in town. The grant money was used to purchase supplies, so she could experiment in this new medium. Her paintings are still in progress, and she communicates regularly with the Board to share updates. Stay tuned for more details about plans to showcase her finished work!

The Fine Arts Grant is funded, in part, from proceeds from the Music for a Summer's Eve fundraisers. Thanks to all who have attended and supported the event for the past several years. It is because of you that we will continue to provide opportunities for students like Allison to dream big and share their talents with the community.

See more of Allison's paintings as well as her current work in progress!

The Foundation has been actively fundraising to raise money for both the Zachary Weston Memorial Scholarship and our new arts grant. Some of our most successful fundraisers have been community lunch and dinner events at Avanti Restaurant, Westbrook Lobster, and our annual holiday party at Quality Time in Meriden. Thank you to these businesses and you, patrons and loyal Peabody supporters for continuing to dine out to support our scholarship programs!

Additionally, we want to thank the band Juice Box for entertaining at our holiday fundraiser - they put on a great show, and we truly appreciate their enthusiasm and generosity.

'Juice Box' rocking out!
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